UPPAbaby is an innovative company with one mission: To make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of new parents, while appealing to your sense of style.

With more than a decade of experience in the juvenile industry, UPPAbaby offers high-end baby products that meld innovation and style with safety and comfort. Their website shoulders the responsibility of delivering a large amount of product information, including big, bold images and granular details about each item. But it was never built to function on mobile devices, and modern brands need a strong, mobile presence.

Without a full redesign, responsive wasn’t really an option. And with so much content, managing one set for desktop and one set for mobile just wasn’t viable.


Digital Impulse performed an in-depth audit of the coding and infrastructure behind UPPAbaby’s current website. The audit revealed the opportunity to use strategic information architecture, design and complex coding to create a best in class mobile experience that could use the content from the existing, desktop site.

UPPAbaby mobile web design

Information Architecture

Digital Impulse’s IA team identified each page required to make the mobile site a success. They carefully sculpted sitemaps and wireframes to create a framework that could draw content from the existing site.

PAN mobile web design

UI/UX Design

Each design needed to guide users intuitively through the mobile experience, while framing content that was not tailored for mobile devices. With wireframes in hand, our designers painstakingly worked to create beautiful looks for each page of the new, mobile site.

PAN mobile web design

Development and Coding

Once designs were finalized, the coding team worked their magic. When they were done, UPPAbabby had a new, stunning mobile experience who’s content was automatically updated as their site managers updated the desktop experience.