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Helping a leading vein clinic provide much-needed vein care.

The Client

As the world’s largest physician-led vein center, Center for Vein Restoration is committed to one mission: radically improving lives by providing safe, personalized, and positive treatment options for vein disease.

Through their website, they provide educational materials, patient testimonials, and appointment scheduling, making it a valuable hub for those seeking expert care in the field of vein health and restoration. Because these resources are so critical to the patient experience (and to capturing the attention of a broader patient audience), Center for Vein Restoration needed a partner to help optimize their site, their marketing process, and their reporting.

The Challenge

When we first started working with Center for Vein Restoration, we understood just how much of an impact that optimization could have across their marketing process–from their website navigation to their marketing content, and in the bigger picture philosophy driving their patient engagement.

Working together with their marketing team and medical experts, we deployed a robust testing plan for optimizations across their most important marketing channels. Combined with new marketing content and close consultation on their strategy, we helped Center for Vein Restoration make significant improvements to the user journey offered to their patients.

Optimizing patient lead generation

Once we understood some of the key opportunities to maximize patient engagement, we took a data-driven approach to help Center for Vein Restoration shore up those gaps in the user journey and move more patients toward conversion through their website (including a refreshed website navigation) and marketing content (through a series of localized landing pages). Together, we created a clear pathway toward overall improvements in the flow of patients from “potential” to “appointment booked.”

  • Website Management
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Design and Creative Services
  • CRO
  • Analytics
  • Digital Business Consulting


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