A mid-sized integrated marketing and PR agency that tells very big stories.

The client.

PAN Communications is an independent, integrated marketing and PR agency that works with B2B technology and healthcare brands. PAN integrates with its clients’ teams to execute data-driven strategies that drive awareness and actionable outcomes. For the last 20 years, PAN has been at the forefront of some of the most disruptive industries.

The challenge.

PAN’s target market isn’t easy to reach. Its target clients are extremely savvy marketers in competitive fields. They’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages. And they’re busy. Talent acquisition was also a focus. To deliver the best product, PAN needs to attract the best and the brightest applicants. Prospective employees are therefore a crucial secondary market for the agency.

"We're about storytelling, through and through."

When we first set foot in PAN’s downtown Boston office, we were instantly refreshed and reinvigorated. There was an energy that seemed to match our own — a relentless drive to integrate not just into the client’s work, but into the client’s business itself. That slick, overconfident PR agency vibe was nowhere to be found. Instead, PAN was powered by a collaborative mix of strategists and creatives that made us feel instantly at home. PAN made it clear: “We’re about storytelling, through and through.” That sounded good to us.

From the start, the PAN team kept repeating the term “storytelling” — somewhat of a buzzword in our industry. Yet however buzzy, it makes perfect sense — the most effective marketing is built on compelling stories, and PAN had plenty to tell.

"Curation was an important concept - we wanted users to be logically guided through the PAN story."

Sam Nota

Creative Director

A novel approach.

Our team took storytelling to the next level. With immersive, user-driven site navigation, we designed a user experience that fueled a sense of curiosity and exploration. Inspired by literal page-by-page reading, we curated content for users so they can experience the PAN story through an engaging, step-by-step process of discovery.


Words only tell half the story.

We integrated custom photography from our on-site shoot with bold statements to tell the agency’s story in the most engaging fashion possible. And integrating conversion points throughout the site made it fast and easy for their users to take the next step. User engagement increased and, ultimately, PAN started getting more high-quality leads.

PAN is hyper-focused on crafting compelling stories to promote its clients, so it only made sense they wanted to do the same when redesigning their website. With a disciplined focus on the user, Digital Impulse created a website for PAN that leverages the innate power of the best stories: immersive, engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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