A mid-sized integrated marketing and PR agency that moves big ideas.

The client.

PAN Communications is an integrated marketing and PR agency specializing in helping B2B technology and healthcare brands execute data-driven strategies that drive awareness and actionable outcomes. For the last 20 years, PAN has turned big ideas into captivating stories and user experiences ⁠— ones that ignite tremendous, transformational business growth.

The challenge.

PAN is all about moving ideas, and we were tasked with hammering that sentiment home on the new site. We also wanted to maintain PAN’s medium size and local feel while showcasing its global reach and capabilities. Talent acquisition was another big focus ⁠— PAN is positioned in multiple competitive job markets, making recruiting difficult. Overall, it was our goal to create a breathtakingly cohesive digital experience for PAN that communicates the brand’s story and drives meaningful action.

Let’s Get Moving

Movement is ingrained in everything PAN does, so we decided to visually represent it across the entire site. To symbolize moving ideas, we added scroll-freeze animations to the “Case Studies” and “Insights” modules. They scroll with you as you scroll with your mouse, so that PAN’s ideas (the case studies and insights) literally move right before your eyes. We also used giant marquee text on every page, communicating concise, impactful statements that contribute to the brand’s story.

"I love that we were able to create a visual representation of PAN's brand statement "we move ideas" by using simple but elegant animations."

Travis Pease

Director of Design

Life & Culture

Moving ideas is important at PAN ⁠— but so is maintaining a healthy, vibrant company culture. On the site’s “Life & Culture” page, we visually represented the agency’s commitment to work-life balance by having the “Work” and “Life” sections each take up 50 percent of the screen.

In the navigation bar, we added a call to action to watch a video about PAN’s culture. That way, it’s always present ⁠— similar to how PAN’s culture is present in everything the agency does.

Finally, we leveraged quotes and stats from actual employees in multiple modules on the site, including in the navigation. This gives users a genuine feel for PAN’s people and enforces that the agency truly values them and their work.

Small Agency Feel, Big Global Reach

We balanced PAN’s medium size with its global reach on the site by using a conversational tone that highlights the agency’s achievements without feeling too aggressive. We also made sure to showcase PAN’s global presence by creating individual pages for each of its locations. These pages feel personalized ⁠— each boasts its own stats, facts, and quotes from real employees.


Telling Meaningful Stories

Copywriting matters, and we wanted to make sure we got it right. Our approach was to use a conversational tone and active sentences to clearly communicate what PAN’s all about. We kept paragraphs short to seamlessly weave the agency’s story throughout the site and keep users engaged. We also provided extremely flexible case study pages, so the agency could mix and match modules to best tell each individual project’s story and truly resonate with users.

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